Frequently asked questions

How do your products work?

Essential Energy’s breakthrough technology produces beneficial energy fields which condition manmade EMF reducing the body's EMF stress response and balancing energy.

Through advanced harmonic science, Essential Energy conditions the problem with EMF – the chaotic wave patterns. With our proprietary photonic technology, the wave patterns are conditioned from chaotic to smooth, so they pass through the body without causing issues.

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields, referred to commonly as EMF, of all frequencies represent an influence in the environment. The natural world, including our bodies, produce low intensity EMF which are used to transfer information and control chemical reactions. It's the EMF produced by electrical systems and wireless communications which causes issues with people, plants and animals today. These non-native EMF are at a higher intensity level than our natural EMF, which distorts the flow of our natural processes. According to the World Health Organization, all populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances. The electromagnetic spectrum shows the range of frequencies, associated technologies and the intensity of the frequency. While radio, radar and wireless communicatinos are non-ionizing (meaning they don't heat up the cells), studies on rats and mice from 2018 in both the US and Italy showed they do cause cancer.

How exposed to EMF am I?

Take our self assessment survey to see how exposed you are to man-made EMF.

How will I know your products are working?

One of the most noticeable effets of EMF is a change in your breathing. When experiencing stress from EMF, our breathing will be shallow. When you treat your cell phone with the LightTower you'll notice your breathing is deeper and fills the lungs more. You can test the Power Pendant by holding the pendant between your thumb and middle finger and breathing. Be sure to test your breathing beforehand.

Can I use it on my pets?

Yes! Pets are affected by EMFs just like we all are. You can add the Power Pendant to your pets leash for 24/7 protection and if your pet hurts itself, the LightTower is very effective. We have testimony from owners of cats, dogs, horses and cattle where recovery time from injuries was greatly reduced.



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