Gentle harmonic energy emanates from the surface of the Essential Pendant to create the environment you need in today’s complex world of radiation-producing technology.  Reduce stress caused by EMF, increase oxygen saturation and ion balance.

This beautiful square pendant is permanently encoded with harmonic frequencies that cancel the negative electromagnetic frequencies.  As a result, your body is able to improve blood oxygen levels and optimize intercellular communications. Other EMF products only address a narrow set of frequencies leaving you at risk of exposure. Essential Energy produces a broad range of harmonic frequencies strong enough to cancel 5G and the growing number of wireless devices.

  • Improved oxygen saturation levels improve performance, speed up recovery time after physical activity, boosts immune systems and improve iron levels to fight against anemia.
  • Life free from EMFs allows your personal biofield to heal, increasing energy, stamina, clear thinking, better sleep, vigor and vibrant well-being.
  • Produces a broad set of harmonic frequencies that protects against 5G, Bluetooth®, wi-fi and all manmade EMFs.
  • Lightweight and easy to wear as a necklace.

Essential Pendent

  • Take back and fight against EMF stress 24/7 with this beautiful and powerful stainless steel pendant.  Embedded with Essential Energy's proprietory combination of beneficial harmonics, the Power Pendant delivers.

  • If you have any questions or concerns with the product, you can contact us directly through the chat app on this site, via email at or via phone +1 (509) 850-0557.

    We offer excellent customer service to help you make the most of your purchase.  In the event you need to return the product we offer full refunds upto 30 days from the date of receipt, as long as the product is returned in good condition. You can contact us to start the return process.


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