Enjoy modern tech like electric cars, smart watches, Bluetooth® and wi-fi without headaches, fatigue, brain fog or weakened performance.

If you travel in airplanes or work in buildings with wi-fi and fluorescent lights you are inundated with EMFs that are shown to have affects such as headaches, fatigue, brain fog, tight breathing.  Imagine if you could enjoy modern technology but live in an EMF-free environment?

  • ​Enhance performance and muscle recovery by adding a LightTower to your before & after workout routine.
  • Relieve aches and pains by using the LightTower
  • Improved oxygen saturation levels are known to improve health, performance during exercise, speed up recovery time after physical activity.
  • Increase effectiveness on all LightTower applications with a mirror.
  • Produces a broad set of harmonic frequencies that cancel harmful effects of 5G, Bluetooth®, wi-fi and all man-made EMFs.

LightTowers are a series of plates precisely imprinted using plasmonic technology to create a resonate frequency and coherent beam of biophotons to counter the effects of EMF pollution at the molecular level.  This frequencies produce two amazing results:

  • EMF-free environment where ever it shines, allowing any biological system in its beam to experience life in a stable, natural state.
  • Beneficial frequencies that carry balancing, restorative and regenerative performance enhancing fields shown to boost the bodies systems, restore optimal performance and increase oxygen saturation levels.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Fits in your hand, purse or pocket, or in a runners belt (included with purchase)
  • Ideal for people who live and work in high EMF environments, athletes, EHS sufferers, and those struggling with wellness issues.


Etched with the a faint notch on one side to provide users guidance on proper placement of the LightTower.  The notch should be facing the intended target as the beam of photons eminate from the face of the LightTower with notch.


Included in each purchase is a waist belt by Nathan Sports.  This waist belt holds the LightTower tight against your body for hands-free use throughout the day.

4" LightTower

Hands-free Waist Belt
  • Reduce stress caused by harmful electromagnetic radiation so you can move better, think clearer, sleep sounder and recovery quicker. Point this LightTower towards you or wear on your person in your pocket or with our custom fit vests. Have the confidence to know your body is at peace, shielded from the stressful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

    The LightTower is a stack of 3 precision engineered stainless steel plates treated to produce a constant flow of reflected invisible light (biophotons) strong enough to neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies and produce an optimal environment for your body to experience life changing benefits.

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    We offer excellent customer service to help you make the most of your purchase.  In the event you need to return the product we offer full refunds upto 30 days from the date of receipt, as long as the product is returned in good condition. You can contact us to start the return process.


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