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LightTower study (2020) shows improved energy, stress management and balance

Coherent inter-cellular communication uses biophotons to pass mission-critical information and is the key to empowering your body's natural health response. Special diets, exercise, and meditation are different approaches you can use to increase your coherence, ie life force. Based on a 2020 study by Dr. Beverly Rubik, speaker at the 2019 5G Summit and well-known subtle energy researcher, there is now another, simpler way, that also protects against the effects of artificial EMF: the Essential Energy LightTower.

Subjects were exposed to artificial EMF from a cell phone, cordless phone and WiFi for 20 minutes. They were then provided a 4" LightTower to wear, placed over their thymus gland (chest) for 20 minutes with results measured. They repeated the study on a different day using a Sham LightTower. The subjects did not know which test was real and which was sham.

The results were positive and showed a statistical difference warranting a larger study to be done, currently scheduled for the end of 2020 (once the government guidelines related to Covid-19 ease).

What we see is that when exposed to artificial EMF, the beneficial field technology used in all Essential Energy products optimizes stress response, energy and balance. This signals a high degree of inter-cellular coherence. With Essential Energy products, the environment you live in is optimized, so you can achieve your optimal wellness goals.

When deciding which size LightTower to purchase, consider that the larger the surface area, the greater the biophotonic coherence. This study was done with our smallest LightTower, the larger 5" and 7" LightTower have noticeably greater benefits reported by people suffering from electrohypersensitivity, serious dis-ease treatments and post-surgery pain.

Given all that is occurring in today's environment, we're thrilled to see this result as it helps validate what hundreds of our customers have been telling us over just the past few years. As political stress increases, pandemic stress and fatigue set in and unrest grows across nations, finding a product like Essential Energy that you can trust to reliably provide natural support is so important.

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Findings from 2020 LightTower study by Dr. Beverly Rubik

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