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Updated: May 30

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We’re living in a sea of healthy and unhealthy frequencies.

Today we enjoy amazing technology whether through our cell phones or smart appliances, it’s our modern day technology that makes so many everyday tasks easier and more efficient. But there is a tremendous downside we are learning more about every day. We know that cell phones lead to cancer, yet local utility companies are installing smart meters on homes across the country. These smart meters produce the same radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF/EMF) as cell phones but are now attached to the home, with many crying out to stop the installations given that the World Health Organization classifies RF as a 2B carcinogen. Yet the earth produces a natural, life giving electromagnetic field at 7.83 Hz, which is well below what any modern day technology produces.

What if we could avoid the unhealthy EMFs?

As technology continues to progress, the intensities of the manmade frequencies are beginning to show very serious effects on people, plants and animals. You may not feel the impact, but your biology is being effected. The problem is that the desire for the benefits of these technologies is not going away. 5G wireless technology promises download speeds 100 times faster than 4G. This makes driverless cars and mobile video/gaming incredibly fast and enjoyable for the consumer. The benefits for the consumer are exciting, but the dangers are real.

This leaves us all with a serious problem – how do we protect ourselves?

You can buy supplements or jackets with silver lining to protect yourself for specific moments in time, but nothing on the market today protects against the expanding spectrum of EMFs, until now.

Essential Energy has spent more than twenty years and over $11 million in research and development to meet today’s challenges.

Through plasmonics, the high-grade stainless steel that make up our products is treated to produce a highly coherent beam of light, ie biophotons. These biophotons interact with the electrons in cells in a very stable state, improving the intercellular flow of information critical to the function of the cell. Every second there are 100,000 chemical reactions in every cell in the body. Improving the quality of those reactions leads to many benefits. Whether you wear the pendant as your 24/7 protection, or the Light Tower for a stronger effect that can be used on LEDs, Flourescents and computers (to mention a few other uses) you can be assured that, just like noise cancelling headphones cancel out the unwanted noise, these products are cancelling out the unwanted electromagnetic frequencies. Every single product is engineered to atomic-level standards with highly sensitive equipment and specific placement of the steel plates.

As a result of the process used to produce the Essential Energy products, a base harmonic is produced from the steel plates that neutralizes the manmade radiofrequency (RF) electro-magnetic fields (EMF). Some of our favorite technology produces some of the worst RF/EMF. Examples are cell phones and towers, baby monitors, smart appliances, computers and power supplies, to name a few.

You can now take control and cancel this electromagnetic smog, thus cancelling the serious effects of today’s and tomorrow’s modern technology. With the RF/EMFs neutralized, biophotons and electrons exist in a stable environment, leading to all sorts of benefits.

When cell phone companies moved into 4G, this outstripped any standard coverage provided by the existing market of EMF protection devices, and 5G is going to further diminish their results.

We discovered this early on and went back to the lab to figure out how to broaden and increase the coverage in our devices. We continually test our devices against new technology and we are pleased that our testing shows Essential Energy devices have the ability to counter the latest threats, including the new 5G. As the rollout of 5G begins in 2018 it may become the biggest threat to biological systems we have seen to date.

Protect your family with Essential Energy Pendants and Light Towers from this newest threat and existing threats.

The Essential Energy products have revolutionized the environmental shielding and restorative wellness market through this application of biophysics and biophotonic science. Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty and serenity of cancelled EM frequencies and see if your health and body doesn’t thank you by enhancing performance and balanced harmony to your body, mind and soul.

Other EMF devices on the market ; pendants, crystals, magnets etc., are limiting because they are tuned to only a narrow magnetic spectrum and do not include the broad spectrum coverage we have programmed into the Essential Energy products.

Our process embeds both the electro and the magnetic frequency spectrums into the products for maximum coverage and benefit.

Merging coverage for both of these spectrums is very important and key to having an adaptable bubble as your exposure changes depending on where you are and what you are exposed to. As your exposure and the intensity change depending on the environment, your pendant provides the defensive properties to deal with all of them. Hostile technology frequencies are everywhere, pushing the boundaries of high and ultra-low frequencies, without Essential Energy products you are left exposed and with potentially devastated results

Protection begins with a purchase

Buy the Light Tower to powerfully boost your system and gain the strength the EMFs are stealing from you. Then wear the Essential Energy Pendant for everyday protection.

​Enjoy modern day technology without the stress.



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