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Boost your earnings by promoting Essential Energy 

Promote the world's most effective products available to harmonize EMF and boost individual vitality and wellness.

The Commission Plan

15% on all purchases + monthly volume-based bonuses


as an Affiliate

It's free to get started.

We've teamed with Tapfiliate to provide you complete transparency with a trusted third-party software.

Access marketing materials, tools and more!

Share Essential Energy with your target audience. We provide a unique url with your tracking ID.


Essential Energy



Earn the moment the qualified sale is complete.  Track your earnings on your dedicated dashboard.

Essential Energy Affiliate Benefits


maximum earnings

Get paid for every buyer with no referral limit

10 conversions in a calendar month = $500 bonus

20 conversion in a calendar month = $1,200 bonus


professional support

Gain access to professional support and a team dedicated to helping you achieve your goals


intuitive dashboards

Tapfiliate's user interface is easy-to-use and updated real-time so you can launch and monitor the success of your campaigns from any device


Creative resources

We're regularly producing new assets you can use in your promotions

Interested in becoming an Essential Energy Affiliate?

2020 is the year start

Join us on the ground floor of our new global marketing efforts and join in the rewards. This commission structure will always be yours, but it may change in the future.


Join now and help us bring the very unique benefits of photonic harmonic-based vitality and wellness already enjoyed by thousands to your tribe.  In this time when help is needed more than ever, be a point of light to your network.

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